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The urban space is a result of countless overlapping layers of different character, all of them with implications in terms of social, cultural, environmental, and economical parameters. That situation has important consequences in the Urban physical environment, both in the fields of Architecture, Urban Landscape and infrastructure Landscape. To understand and address such a complexity New Urban Landscapes worked with a transverse approach through different scales and complementary disciplines.

New Urban Landscapes focused on urban river contexts to develop proposals that interpret and solve the diversity of conflicts typically present in these areas, departing from contextual analysis and leading to spatial proposals to create architectural solutions that establish new types of relationship between urbanization and nature.


Urban prototypes focus on the development of alternative proposals for spatial configuration from the preparation of selective cartographies of a given context and through an experimental process of spatial translation. The most essential aspect of prototyping is the development of rich and unexpected spatial qualities.

The focus of the studio was on exploring the interface between buildings, landscape, and infrastructures in search of hybrid typologies creating new forms of public spaces and coexistence.

The studio promoted an experimental and creative research-by-design approach, based on a strong knowledge of facts and contexts. The learning process holds an understanding of the site from specific and relevant parameters, that are mapped and articulated in intentional cartographies which are transformed in spatial structures through modeling. An iterative process resulting in spatial strategies and finally in design of Urban prototypes.

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