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Andrea Eklund

Humanity will not survive unless we change our way of life. Still we keep moving into unsustainable cities and position ourselves further away from nature. So can we live sustainably in a city? Can we create an Urban Nature?


This project is an investigation of human necessity which came to revolve largely around food production. It suggests three alternative ways of living completely sustainably by the hybrid of housing, nature, technology and production. The outcome are three highly distinguished environments inspired by three natural elements, the field, forest and mountain. The question remaining is, how are we willing to live?


Calculations of human necessity. The largest deciding factor in terms of space was found to be food production.


The Mountain.

Life in the high density mountain is artificial. The vertical farming core provides food, light and mobility.


All units are oriented toward their unit core, the vertical farm, which needs 3 windmills to power its energy consumption.


The Forest.

As in any forest there are clusters and clearings. In clearings, collective greenhouses are placed for food production.


The forest unit consists of stacked living spaces around one core tree. Its primary focus is upwards through the skylights.


The field.

Units combine to create a landscape where maximum connection between sun and land is ensured.


The unit has an atrium core and a strong connection between life and soil. The sun to crops relation is prioritised.

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