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Safoat Nawlo

It all starts with a dream, with a dream of another life in an urban environment where everyting works a little differently from what we used to, but as we may have dreamed. I don’t know what it is, a city that will be built in 2030 or a transit air station acting as a refugee between nearby planets in 2300.


This project is about creating a new architectural facility over an area located on the one side in the center in a very historical rich area, on the other side it questions the way we build. It is completely, morally and physically a modern reflection of what exists, while self-sufficiently different. It’s name is the UPPERHOOD.


The first thoughts have been to create a city that occupies the sky, in a way that it helps and provides the existing structure with new quailities.


The social features in the architectureal experimentation part have been combined and used to generate the form of the Upperhood.


Diagram explaining the placement of the vertical communication and showing how the features generated the outline of the Upperhood.


All the strategies and methods that have been used to create the best light conditions for the Upperhood and its Neighborhood.


Plan view map showing the placement of the Upperhood and its modules in realtion into the surroundings.


Section view map showing the height/scale relationship between the Upperhood and its surroundings.


Come up!

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