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Jennifer Henriksson

The Knot - A continuous movement connecting two suprastructures.

The project site is located in Gullbergsvass. The area today is flat and defined by infrastructure and intersections. The Knot, is focusing on the void of Gasklockan, which I identified as both an asset and an interstice, as well as the actant mobility and the aspect of visibility. The gas bell was an 80 meter high cylinder construction and served as a landmark and used for orientation and localization until it was demolished in 2017. These aspects brought me to the concept of Interact and Attract, focusing on connecting the site to adjacent areas and adding an attraction to the site. By creating continuous movement, a knot connecting volumes and movements, and an observation tower which allows you to experience an unobstructed view over the city of Gothenburg and the quay. The new structure is referencing back to Gasklockan and re-establish a lost landmark to the site while playing with aspects of seeing and being seen.


Suprastructure components - The site of interest is located in the border area between the two suprastructures, which entails a barrier regarding their volumes and connections. 


Concept of Interact & Attract, focusing on connecting the two structures and adding an attraction to the site. Creating a continuous movement - a knot linking them together both regarding volumes and mobility. With design strategies involving - Gasklockan, a continuous movement, and the aspect of visibility.


Geometry Workflow - Shows step by step how the volume connects the two structures and how the observation tower spirals up and down in one continuous movement.


Anatomical Drawing - Illustrating the different parts of the structure.


Overview Plan. 


Overview Perspective / Overview section. 


Program / Scalarity - The shape of the structure is flexible, allowing it to change scale and program.

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