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Alida Schultz

This project investigates the experiences of an unused area and how the surface occupied by the railway can be transformed. The use can be enriched by preserving existing elements and adding a layer with activities in combination with the missing nature that once existed. Based on the properties of the site, analyses are made by mapping and layering information to find architectural design strategies. The result of the investigation is a proposal that preserves the current situation and at the same time breaks the barrier by the railway. Instead of being a gap the project creates a vibrant green urban hub.


The final project in an exploded axonometric presenting the various components separated in height by the different speed.


Map showing the structure in the larger context and the connection to adjacent places and activities.


Map showing the structure and its various components.


Plan in scale 1:50 that presents the use of the site and the different materials and textures.


Sections in scale 1: 1000 that present relation between the surrounding and

the structure and also the vertical and horizontal connection that it creates.


Perspective from second elevated level showing the structure and its surrounding.


Perspective from first elevated level showing the structure and the connection to the existing platforms.

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