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Erik Van Eyck

At the heart of Gullbergsvass, an enormous industrial warehouse reminds visitors, with its empty void, of the many goods that were once moved through it. This project aims to keep this old structure as a stronghold of urban identity and socio-cultural potential by transforming its roof into a new urban space. Long distance connections across the site for cyclists and pedestrians are integrated into a landscape formed by noise cartography massing, creating a collection of spaces with varied conditions related to three actants – wind, rain and views.


As a central node, the project connects to the surrounding neighbourhoods and suprastructures.


Overview of the landscape’s components.


Section of the landscape with its different elements – green spaces, sheltered spaces, slopes, terraces.


Collision of the roof, massing and paths gives rise to interesting spaces with different relations to actants and surroundings.


Section from postterminalen to Göta Älv.


Exploring the concept of flows and its relation to speed, views, comfort.


Forming the landscape by extracting from the cartography, rescaling, superimposing with paths and building,

and subtracting views, paths, openings.

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