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Ellen Wikdahl

This project is located between Åkareplatsen and Trädgårdsföreningen. The preconditions for the project was a site characterized by heavy traffic, large-scale buildings and interstices, and long monotonous walkways with no attraction of staying, only transporting. The aim of this project was to bring human scale and public spaces into the area and at the same time take advantage of the nearby Gothenburg canal and the green structures in Trädgårdsföreningen.


A playful triangular grid generates public spaces at different levels and with varied characteristics integrated in the existing pedastrian flows. The nuanced spatiality adds a layer of complexity and legibility to the site.


The design has a visible structure of wooden beams in a triangular grid and creates public spaces with different levels of weather shelter.


The folded structure gently follows the surroundings and generates varied spatiality through the design.


The floorplan in scale 1:50 shows how the stairs climbs upon the structure, leading to public spaces at higher levels.


The structure differs from the existing large-scale neighborhood, characterized by traffic,

and brings human scale into the area with focus on pedestrians and cyclists.


Actants and architectural assets in the existing neighborhood were mapped in the first part of the design process.


I didn’t want to direct or change the pedestrian flows,

rather develop public spaces into the existing flows, inviting people to socialize and take part of the public urban space.


Assets and actants in the existing neighborhood acted as guides in the design process of the architectural hybrid.

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