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Tyra Wingren Bergman

Experience path is about the transformation of an unused space with a new structure that sustain both human and nature.


This project takes place in the edge condition of the area of Gullbergsvass, an area you just pass by and where large traffic junctions dominate. The traffic infrastructure takes up much space, generate a constant noise and creates in-between spaces that are difficult to use, especially for actants that are not moving by car.


What if this in-between space could be transformed into something new?

Could it be a place for connections, meetings, and a place where vegetation can thrive?


The hybrid structure generates a topography that aims to create new connections and provide habitat for both nature and people.


It connects and supports green networks in the city. It should also offer places for various activities and different needs.


Relation surface – yard - interior.

An environment that aims to benefit both people and nature. Vegetation is one major design element.


Relation landscape + vegetation + wind.

Vegetation seeks protection from wind and find the right microclimate. Photos from Gothenburg archipelago.



Identifying assets and concept.

Design iterations and actant performance analysis to test and adapt the design.


The topography allows for opportunities to move between places through a various landscape

with different vegetation types connected to microclimate.


The hybrid structure in relation to the larger suprastructure “Wireframe of opportunities”

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