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The Parasite
A hybrid future landscape dominated by a living organism. It is growing and living in symbiosis with the people in the city of Gothenburg.

Julia Bianco Sommer, Tove Brunberg, Cristina García & Tom Ruffier

In a distant future the city of Gothenburg will be invaded by a living organism. It is born in the canals of the city and grows and feeds off from the heavy rain falls. The organism will become part of the city and will reshape the silhouette of the city scape. The people of the city will adapt to the organism’s presence and build a system of nets to guide its way throughout the city. The organism collects the rain water and channels it down to the ground. The sensation of the organism is wet and jelly like. It is a pulsing thing and living in symbiosis with the city.

Spaces Within

Julia Bianco Sommer

In this phase I wanted to work in a zoomed-in scale, focusing on the unexpected and small spaces that were created by the parasite. The parasite is a living organism, as it takes over the city, the city will transform. And as the parasite infects every part of the city, it will slowly seek its way inside buildings. Just as buildings inevitably wither at a certain time, could the parasite give life to the decay of buildings, and if so, what spaces would be left behind?   

In this context, I saw the parasite as a force of nature- something wild and living. Meaning that wildlife would take over the city and become a part of buildings. I wanted to explore this duality and how it could be considered architecture.   

The Double Cone

Tove Brunberg

In phase 2 I wanted to explore the experience of the organism. I wanted to create a space for the senses. The two big cones and the area on the top are omnipresent in the square next to the sports stadium Ullevi. Inside the cone one can find nets to climb up the space. It is a moment to come closer to the organism and to touch it, to feel it. To experience a sensation and being weightless for a moment. To be inside a comforting space. Once people have climbed all the way up to the top, one can experience a magnificent view of Gothenburg. After the sightseeing one can take the slide down to the ground. It is a project that has a great presence in the city and provides playful relaxation.

The Parasite as a Green Corridor

Cristina García

The green corridor is the revitalization of an area of heavy infrastructure. With the invasion of the parasite in the area, new public spaces were created. The main objetive of this project is for the parasite to create a doble space where it interacts with people, a place where the symbiosis between them can happen. The parasite will bring nature into the city, generating a kind of oasis where people can socialize, relax and have a playful experience. 

The aim of the green corridor is to follow the regenerative design strategy and make it a space where everyone is invited to live an extraordinary adventure. 

The Parasite

Tom Ruffier

In 2030 an unidentified lifeform invaded Gothenburg city. The outbreak which started in Fattighusån rapidly spread through the Stampen neighborhood. What we first took for a new invasive species showed resilient threats which showed to make the Stampen neighborhood more resilient against its current climate threats. One of its major traits being the ability to absorb water, which, on release, showed to be clean from toxins such as heavy metals inherent into the city´s rivers. Seeing the potential of this unwanted neighbor, the city of Gothenburg came up with a new development plan for the city. A system of lines would connect the flood-sensible areas of the city together, letting the parasite expand, in a controlled way through the city. Absorbing rain and flood water on its passage. Solving the issues related to flood sensitive areas in the city which are expected to grow exponentially until 2100. Replacing partially the outdated sewer-system by absorbing a part of the water from storm rain, and bringing down the threat of the hundred year flood from plaguing Gothenburg. This individual part is a try to visualize the Parasite growing through the Stampen neighborhood.  

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