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Proposing four interactive hybrid landscapes for Rosenlund in order to give the forgotten area in the city centera new identity. Bringing a new focus towards the canal and activating the site through two new Västlänken entrances inside urban topographies, a versatile restructured canal edge and an explorative new valley with multiple indoor and outdoor functions.

Vivian Barbiche, Julia Forsberg, Alexander Roos & Fenja Schwarztrauber

Rosenlund – a place that has for a long time been seen as a passive place. You either walked through it or you walked near it. Since central parts of Rosenlund is under construction for the new Västlänken station, our goal with this project has been to reactivate the site and give it a new purpose. We have been inspired by landscapes that varies in forms such as valleys and hills and wanted to include our hydro-social system in it, exploring how different spaces would be shaped into the new site. As a result, the new Rosenlund will consist of a new hill connecting to the southern station giving more spaces for shops and also a fascinating skiing roof. A new underground station with rooms for baths and meeting points. Nearby, there will be a new park for social interactions and playgrounds. And a new valley that invites people to hang out near the water canal but also to be able to experience a new landform-shaped library.

Rosenlund Valley

Vivian Barbiche

The new valley of Rosenlund is meant for people to experience new kind of artificial shapes such as triangularity, without losing the senses for natural material, water and nature. It is a place that will give people opportunities to explore and experience different kinds of atmospheres including the water. A new canal will be made, dividing the site into a valley and the visitors will have the ability to go inside the hills experiencing spaces with new materiality. Triangular stones of ceramic will give the feeling of being inside a rocky mountain, while triangular shaped glass will let daylight in but also play with the lighting design that melts in with the ceramic walls. Giving it an exciting working atmosphere. Whereas the other side of the hill will be made of limestone where walking spaces will be carved out to give the site an exotic architectural feeling for visitors to be near the canal.

Pass & Pause: Along the Edge of the Canal

Julia Forsberg

Cars are no longer in charge of the space along Sahlgrensgatan. In fact, they are notallowed there and the space is reclaimed by people and nature. Working with the concept ofPass & Pause, this project aims to create an interesting passage through the area while atthe same time introducing a reason for the passerby to pause in Rosenlund.


The new landscape allows people to get closer to nature. Two new paths are introduced.People can walk on top of green roofs along flowers and trees, or they can choose the pathnext to the canal where people flow in harmony with the water. In addition to this, the projectintroduces interior space for e.g. a sauna, a kayaking association or a study room for thenearby university. Sahlgrensgatan is now a space for people – not for their cars.

Comfort Station

Alexander Roos

With the arrival of Västlänken to Rosenlund and Haga, officials expect a big increase of commuters at the site due to availability. A scenario that suggests an opportunity to reduce the amount of car dominated roads that until now have occupied the site, leaving little room for people to enjoy and experience the area.


Comfort station aims to keep within the existing dig site, reusing the temporary metal sheet piling and utilizing some of the rock and clay thats extracted from the excavation of the train tunnel. Having most of the structures below ground level offers a new perspective of the site to residents and visitors alike. While missing some of the visual connection to the canal, the public will be compensated by the opportunity to swim in its filtered water, powered by the flow of the water itself.

The Rosenlundplats Station

Fenja Schwarztrauber

We decided on moving one of the stations entrances of Västlänken from its original location up towards the northern side of the canal in order to form a new attraction point for Rosenlundplats. Bringing purpose and life to the square and creating the perfect subway connection for Gothenburg University (located on its right) and the popular Feskekörka (located to its left).


I focused on creating a spatial structure housing the subway entrance during the last phase of the studio. The result is a multifunctional urban topography which accommodates a climbing hall, the entrance hall of the new Västlänken subway station and offers space for retail.


The structure forms a surface starting at the canal and folding up to the fortress “Christina Regina Bastion“. It consists of a walkable roof structure which invites citizen to explore Rosenlund from new perspectives and creates the perfect sledding hill in summer as well as in winter.

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