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Extreme weather affects the city in many ways. It leads to flooding, heavy rain and wind. Extreme weather can create barriers for transportation due to this. We identified two big problems that we wanted our project to adress:

• Extreme weather
• Barriers

A network that can adapt and provide transport and movement during extreme weather and also improve accessibility to Hisingen.

A structure that naturally dampen the force of the swell during extreme weather events and acting as a protecting buffer of the city.

The project involves an ecobridge and a park with absorbing features. The ecobridge and park works in layers and is constructed to slow down and hold the heavy flow of water during extreme weather.

The parks are located along the coastline and areas that are more exposed to flooding. The parks create a mixed ripple landscape with basins that can fill up during storms.


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Ebba Pijl
Marika Klevell
Maren Stenersen

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Ebba Pijl

The waterfalls is for everyone to enjoy and experience. This is a place to explore and to learn more about the most crucial and important source of life, water. The waterfalls has the same purpose as a museum, where you can walk, feel, touch and listen to this place of water. You can also affect the waterfalls by pumping water by one of the four pumpstations around the pipes. This makes you as a visitor able to see that your actions can make an impact on the waterfalls. An underground technical system makes it possible to control the water as a visitor. The waterfalls work like inverted water tanks with a high visibility. The hybrid space that has set the ground for this place is a combination between water towers and passages. In context to the superstructure created in the team the waterfalls were made. When pumping the water up the pipes the water will be falling down in a circle around you. When no one is there, the water will stand still and the falling water effect will not be there. Not all places in the waterfalls have water falling from above. two circles have water shooting upwards to create a similar effect. On the sensory floor, water will be shooting upwards when walking on the surface. This place is the most convenient for kids to play, both in summertime and in the winter when the sunken circle will be filled with water to become an ice skating track

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Marika Klevell

When zooming in on the bridge the funicular becomes visible. A funicular is a type of cable railway system which connects points along a railway track laid on a steep slope.

The system is characterized by two counterbalanced carriages permanently attached to opposite ends of a haulage cable, which is looped over a pulley at the upper end of the track.

The project evolves into a funicular as a contributing factor to the suprastructure. The main function is to provide an experience rather than efficiency as it allows transportation to the top of the bridge where there is a viewpoint.

A framework of trees along the rails is supposed to give a monumental spatial effect moving through. The ecobridge, park and the funicular creates an attraction point in the city.

On top of the bridge, in the middle of the river lies the 360 viewpoint and the funicular drop off. Here you can enjoy the view of Gothenburg from the top of the building, somewhere in the park, gardens or a few steps down to the viewpoints.

The plantations, green surface of the bridge and sedum on the roof of the building is constructed to slow down and hold the heavy flow of water during extreme weather.

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Maren Stenersen

Underneath the brigde vertical activity park is located. It provides opportunities for climbing, water sports, bathing and socializing. There is also a café, sauna and rental services in the building caved into the landscape.

The park consist of platforms that is situated in a vertical space.Platforms that are in the water surface can be reached by using different paths. The platforms that hangs from the underside of the bridge can be accessed by climbing on the bridge structure and then using zip-lines and ropes.

The skin of the platforms is covered in an organic material such as the rest of the park. The underside consist of steel plates welded together in sections.

The form of the platform is made to look like a waterlily when places on the water. The platforms hanging from the underside of the bridge had spotlights attached to it to provide light during the darker hours

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