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Isaline Potard

Located is Flodmynning, Confluence is a project of a hybrid bridge which reachs Göta Älv creating islands. The Ecopath, a public pedestrian and bicycle pathway, is coming from Drömmarnas Kaj and its connects Gullbergsvass with Ringön, make the both coasts more attractive. The project creates an environment where people can meet each other (public spaces), live (housing) and be closer to the nature (river and green areas). With this project, I propose a hybrid bridge which can protects the islands and the coasts from the strongest winds of Göta Älv and can be a solution to live with the flooding.


The islands are created regarding the accessibility and the assets of the area linked together.

New layers about currents, boats mobility and depth of the river complete the process.


The program is defined by the creation of housing in unexpected places in Göta Älv (islands & bridge).

Offices and public spaces are located in the Ringön coast because it is protected from the flooding,

on the contrary of Gullbergsvass which is a wetland.


The hybrid bridge is an expansion of the Ecopath from Module 2, the first volume.

The second and the third make the bridge stronger to protect the islands and the coast from the winds.

The last one is a public space connected to the Ecopath.


An axonometry of the components of the hybrid bridge. The top floor is a public pedestrian and bicycle pathway.

The bottom floors are housing, with 226 double-oriented duplex.

There are four pillars to access the bridge (2 in islands and 2 in the coasts).


The Ecopath is coming from Drömmarnas Kaj to Ringön, it is a place to meet people, go for a walk or a ride, go to an exhibition or a restaurant... There are green areas to increase the biodiversity and to create playgrounds areas for children.


A green access protected from the winds thanks to the housing mass leads the residents to their home.

The duplex have two bedrooms and a big glazed facade to enjoy the light and the view in the middle of Göta Älv.


The islands are connected to the bridge thanks to housing mass with duplex apartments.

It creates public spaces and green areas protected from the winds and very close to the river.

During the summer, you can jump direclty into the water!

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